exhibitions and events:

Radical Empathy : a Continues Score, acts 7-9 Performance with MC Coble, Kjell Caminha and Jeuno Kim as P*D*A*,  part of Your Silence Will Not Protect You at Rønnebæksholm.( Næstved) 

A public art work commissioned by Göteborgs Konst & Trafikförvaltningen produced as the Skogen School. The whole project runs for two years (2019-2021) as part of the art programme for Västlänken (Gothenburg)

Teaching To Transgress Toolbox. Co-initiator of the study programme on critical and intersectional pedagogy using artistic tools based on peer-learning and collective research. The whole project runs for two years (2019-2021). Funded by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Grant. In collaboration with ISBA Besancon (FR) and ERG, Brussels (BE)