Andreas Engman
1979 / 04 / 26
Lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.


2016 - 2018
Critical Pedagogy and Project Leading in the Academy 1, 2, 3 & 4
Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg

2014 - 2016
MFA Fine Art
Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg

2011 - 2014
BFA Photography
Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg

2003 - 2004
Fridhems Folkhögskola, Svalöv

Folkuniversitetet, Gothenburg

Leonardo Da Vinci Scholarship. Studies and apprenticeship, Munich and Bad Aibling, Germany 

1995 - 1998
Culinary School
Ester Mosessons Gymnasium, Gothenburg

A Selection of Exhibitions & Events

Undrar om hästar sjunger blues. The work is a assemblage of sound, text, scenography and live performance reflecting on situations when communication breaks down or when a rift occurs in the connection between image, hearing, sight and meaning. Produced for SKOGEN, an artist run platform for performing arts. Together with Klas Trollius. (Gothenburg)

Huvudgatan, park träd och sten:  En meditation över Västlänken och station Haga genom ljud, text, performance och objekt.  An installation and performance in public space together with Klas Trollius as part of Kronotopia, a public art commission by Göteborgs Konst & Trafikförvaltningen. (Gothenburg) 
Who Gets In? Rethinking Admission – Confronting Segregation 
A research project that looks into the concrete challenges of widening participation today and specifically focuses on the various admission policies currently in place in institutions of higher learning in the arts.

Radical Empathy : A Continuous Score, Act 12: The Pentathlon. 
A live performance by P*D*A*. This work was commissioned as part of On StrangeTides, a programme by Godisfabriken Konstateljè for GIBCA Extended. (Gothenburg)
A residency programme and exhibition commissioned by Kulturvagnen with support from Region Kronoberg, Kulturrådet and Ideell Kulturallians in collaboration with Ljuders hembygdsförening.
Temporary Stabilisations This works is a continuation of a long-standing interest in the fabric of institutions through their structures, attitudes and ecologies. Together with artist Annie Johannson. (Gothenburg)
Radical Empathy : A Continuous Score, Act 11: The Musical. The Musical is developed and commissioned by Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm in collaboration with freelance curator Stine Hebert. The work is part of Rønnebæksholm artistic program FællesRum supported by Det Obelske Familiefond and further support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Nordic Culture Point has enabled this new work. With MC Coble, Kjell Caminha and Jeuno Kim as P*D*A*. (Næstved)

Radical Empathy : A Continuous Score, Acts 7-10: The Mixtapes. A series of 4 one hour long sound works produced for the digital exhibition platform for sound art, Ilyd - with MC Coble, Kjell Caminha and Jeuno Kim as P*D*A*.
Dance Armstrong and the Log Sessions. Performance as part of Kronotopia. A public art commissioned by Göteborgs Konst & Trafikförvaltningen at Skogen. (Gothenburg)

A public art work commissioned by Göteborgs Konst & Trafikförvaltningen produced as the Skogen School. The whole project runs for two years (2019-2021) as part of the art programme for Västlänken (Gothenburg)

Teaching To Transgress Toolbox. Co-initiator of the study programme on critical and intersectional pedagogy using artistic tools based on peer-learning and collective research. The whole project runs for two years (2019-2021). Funded by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Grant. In collaboration with ISBA Besancon (FR) and ERG, Brussels (BE)
Eating Venice: Lagoon Legumes, Ceremony and Heritage. Performance as part of AFTERWORKS, (with Kjell Camihna, Rose Borthwick) Performed at the Material Encounters Conference at the Research Pavilion: Sala del Camino (Venice)

Radical Empathy : A Continuous Score, Acts 4-6: Remix
Performance of a score together with MC Coble, Kjell Caminha and Jeuno Kim as P*D*A* at artist run platform Skogen (Gothenburg)

Radical Empathy : A Score.
Performance of a score together with MC Coble, Kjell Caminha and Jeuno Kim as P*D*A* at Valand Research day. Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg) 
This Is A Call To Action. A series of live performances, screenings, talks, actions and research events organized by P*D*A* in institutional and public spaces around Gothenburg. (Gothenburg)

PARSE / Exclusion. Food conceptualization, organizing and production for the 2017 biennial PARSE conference on EXCLUSION. Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg)
Hosting and food workshop with the organization MIM and their project Rätt Fram - an educational project that create platforms for discussion and education for unaccompanied youth and different sectors in society in the Gothenburg area at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg)
A School. A platform for investigating and performing expanded and experimental pedagogical frameworks at artist run platform Skogen (Gothenburg)
Learning Lab. Collective food workshop as part of Learning Lab held at Valand Academy with Denise Langridge Mellion and Rose Borthwick (Gothenburg)

2016 Performing Resistance / Transformative Narratives. A study group on the writings of Franco ”Bifo” Berardi, together with Annika Lundgren at artist run platform Skogen (Gothenburg)
Let’s Mobilize! What is Feminist Pedagogy? A three day collaborative mobilization on queer and feminist pedagogy at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg with Rose Borthwick, Kanchan Burathoki, Gabo Camnitzer, MC Coble and Eva Weinmayr, Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg)
Action: Co-Organize! Provocateur and moderator, workshop and discursive event with Jason E. Bowman, Petra Johansson, Megs Morley, Sarah Munro, Andrea Philips, Henrik Sputnes and Johan Forsman at artist run platform Skogen (Gothenburg)
The Dinner Party. Discursive event and workshop on the question - How does self-organization platform a future in Västra Götaland? with Rose Borthwick, Jason E. Bowman and Kultur i Väst. As part of ENACT, MFA graduation show, Valand Academy, Göteborgs Konsthall (Gothenburg)
The Institute for Potentiality and Actualization: ”Taxidermy of Speculative Gestures - a 21 Day Conference” as part of ENACT, MFA graduation show, Valand Academy, Göteborgs Konsthall (Gothenburg)
"From the provisional to the permanent [series]: ballets in the avenue” Performance in collaboration with André Alves. The Research Show, A-venue (Gothenburg)
Small steps toward an educational theatre. Workshop and installation in collaboration with Jakob Jakobsen, Meaning Making Meaning, A-venue (Gothenburg)
Dicks Revisited. Performance, 13 Festivalen, Konstepidemin (Gothenburg)

Elements of Performance Art. Workshop and Performance with Anthony Howell, at PARSE (Platform for Artistic Research Sweden) Conference, University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg)
Compost II, Rotor 2 Gallery Valand, Collectively curated open call show (Gothenburg)
Exhibition / Non-exhibition: Stretched, Curatorial Memory and Exhibition Amnesia. Facilitation discussion and hospitality at Research Pavilion: Experimentality. Sala del Camino (Venice)
CAN YOU DIG IT : Exhibition as laboratory. Vasagatan 33 (Gothenburg)
Carnaval, Valand. Social themed event of food, performance and film screenings (Gothenburg)

Compost. Collectively curated open call show, Rotor 2 Gallery Valand (Gothenburg) INTERVENTION: Photography between indifference and difference. Galerie der Sozialkasse, Monat der Fotografie (Berlin)
Examensutställning. Fotografi vid Akademin Valand, Röda Sten Konsthall (Gothenburg)
Bild Bild. Galleri Rotor + Rotor 2 (Gothenburg)
A Stockholm syndrome. Galleri Monitor (Gothenburg)

Wood Head. Galleri 54 (Gothenburg)
Inner Realms, Galleri Rotor (Gothenburg)
"To be with art is all we ask". Spring exhibition,Valand Academy (Gothenburg)
Act in Concert. Aktivistsalongen, Stora Teatern (Gothenburg)
CARTEBLANCHE, Galleri Monitor (Gothenburg)
Continuum. Galleri Monitor (Gothenburg)
FOG 187. Galleri Monitor (Gothenburg)

– Why? Considering the trees it is a perfectly normal behaviour. Copenhagen Photo Festival. (Copenhagen)
Tautology. Spring exhibition, Valand Academy (Gothenburg)

Fotografiet är dött, länge leve fotografiet. Valand Academy (Gothenburg)

Just Like You. Bok och Biblioteksmässan (Gothenburg)
Dark Words In Black Letters. Malmöfestivalen (Malmö)

Nordbor / Agitera - Image Group. Galleri Valfisken (Simrishamn)
Nordbor / Agitera - Image Group. Nordens Hus (Reykjavik)

Nordbor / Agitera - Image Group. Konstnärsgården (Jönköping)
Nordbor / Agitera - Image Group. NiFin (Helsinki)
Nordbor / Agitera - Image Group. Frederiks Bastion (Copenhagen)
Nordbor / Agitera - Image Group. Nordiska Ministerrådet (Copenhagen)

Mellan 4 Ögon / Agitera - Image Group. Gallery LaLoge (Paris)

Mellan 4 Ögon / Agitera - Image Group. Länssjukhuset Ryhov (Jönköping)
Mellan 4 Ögon / Agitera - Image Group. Kulturen (Lund)


Adjunct Lecturer Fine Art
HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg

Amanuensis Fine Art 
HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg

Workshop leader, Photography
Fridhems Folkhögskola

Conversations on Photography
Art & Photography
Creative Photography
Creative Photography II
Creative Photography Portrait
Digital Printing

Hasselblad Center

Course responsible, Photography
Fridhems Folkhögskola


Enact, MFA group exhibition publication. Co-editor and writer.
Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy? Workbook. Co-editor and writer.

CANYOUDIGIT? Publication on art and archaeology. Co-editor.
Dialogues, Valand Academy’s annual publication. Co-editor.

Nordbor, Agitera - Image Group


Göteborgs Stads Kulturstipendium (motivation in Swedish)
2-årigt Arbetsstipendium, Konstnärsnämnden

1-årigt Arbetsstipendium, Konstnärsnämnden

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Grant
Statens Kunstfond
Kulturkontakt Nord

University of Gothenburg, Valand Academy, Research Grant for: Trip to Athens, documenta 14, to further develop a symposia/study group on art pedagogy, displacement, curating and decoloniality at Fine Art unit, Valand Academy.

University of Gothenburg, Valand Academy, Research Grant for: – Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy?

Bertha Neuberghs stipendiefond för konstnärlig utbildning

Längmanska Kulturfonden
Nordisk Kulturfond
Kulturkontakt Nord