The study group Kronotopia consists of eight artists from the art platform Skogen, who participate in the City of Gothenburg's project "Art during the construction of the Western Link". The study group will for two years conduct artistic research of various aspects of the Western Link - social and political, as well as aesthetic. These processes include excursions to construction sites and dialogue with people who are either involved in or affected by the Western Link, such as engineers, archaeologists, city planners, construction workers or residents. Other methods used by the study group are audio and video recording, writing, researching various archives and collegiate conversations

Within the framework of the study group, the participants create works of art based on their individual practices or in smaller collaborative groups. The works of art are presented continuously during 2020-2021, in the form of, for example, printed matter, video works, sound works or performances. During the project, various forms of public and in-depth conversations also take place at Skogen or on the construction sites, based on issues formulated by the study group.

Knowledge and materials created in the process form a collective archive. All the artists in the group are free to continue working with the archive material, which further creates an intertwining of individual and common artistic processes, thinking and learning.

The project "Art during the construction of the Western Link" is a collaboration between the cultural administration and the Traffic Office in the City of Gothenburg.

Andreas Engman

Johan Forsman

Benj Gerdes

Annika Lundgren

Rita Nettelstad.

Barrie Sutcliffe

Klas Trollius

Patricia Vane