Excerpt from workbook:
Let’s Mobilize! What is Feminist Pedagogy?

A three day investigation of feminist and queer pedagogies. What do they mean today? Why are they urgent? How can they be enacted — inside and outside of institutional settings?

Performed as the closing event of the 150th year jubilee of Valand Academy. (2016)
Feminist Pedagogies Working Group

The work group was triggered by the desire to articulate and create space for a queer and feminist perspective on learning and teaching inside and outside of the art academy.
It builds on and responds to the Critical Practices: Education from Arts and Artists Conference at Valand Academy (October 2015) and the Meaning Making Meaning exhibition at A-venue (March 2016) in Gothenburg.
All students and staff at Valand Academy were invited to join this open work group. Over the past year we held lunchtime meetings, dinners at homes, met in bars or over skype, in our studios and offices, went for walks and field trips, held day-long sessions, invited guests to brainstorm with and to learn from. We have been reading texts, sharing experiences, raising doubts and concerns. Basically we just followed our desires not to struggle as individuals, but to get together and acknowledge the importance of queer and feminist issues in education.
The core working group at the moment is Andreas Engman, Eva Weinmayr, Gabo Camnitzer, Kanchan Burathoki, MC Coble and Rose Borthwick. The expanded group consists of many more members of Valand Academy staff, administration and students, who are supportive and have generously contributed in a multitude of meaningful ways throughout this process.

Rose Borthwick

Kanchan Burathoki

Gabo Camnitzer

MC Coble

Andreas Engman

Eva Weinmayr