Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score, Act 11: 
The Musical
The Musical is developed and commissioned by Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm in collaboration with freelance curator Stine Hebert. The work is part of Rønnebæksholm artistic program FællesRum supported by Det Obelske Familiefond and further support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Nordic Culture Point has enabled this new work.

Public* Display* of Actions*

Is an anti-fascist platform using performance and speech tactics from street and guerilla theater, agitprop, Speakers' Corners, and political assemblies, to initiate contexts for collective experience, demonstration, and dialogue insisting on vigilance and direct process as a dramaturgical method and approach. P*D*A* Is in its current manifestation excited by the potential of radical empathy as an imaginative prism. A prism creating a spectrum of possibilities to find new tools of action and awareness. How can the visual and performative literacy of art be shared and used collectively among artists, activists, researchers, and the general public to navigate the swiftly changing social and political climate?  

Kjell Camihna

MC Coble

Andreas Engman

Jeuno Kim