(institutional analysis/curating)

Temporary Stabilisations

(2021 – ongoing)

This works is a continuation of a long-standing interest in the fabric of institutions through their structures, attitudes and ecologies. An investigation which has involved a wide range of ”institutional case studies” over the years, one might put it. For example performing a quasi-conference trapped inside a kunsthalle for a month adressing hierarchies in artistic knowledge production, working as an adjunct in an institution of higher learning, researching and rethinking admission policies, drawing from the genre of musicals to engage with institutional complexities, co-organizing a 3-day mobilization around queer and feminist pedagogy in Gothenburg University. These are a few of the strategies employed in this ongoing investigation into the contemporary notion of institutions and the making of publics through them. 

Temporary Stabilisations can be seen as another vehicle and strategy to explore expanded practices tied to “the institutional”. The aim for this project has been to establish an artist led transdisciplinary platform for contemporary art to gain insight and critically reflect while doing. The space functions as a studio and a public transdisciplinary platform for contemporary art and related practices, situated in a former convenient store in Gamlestan, Gothenburg. The platform is guided by the ethos of fluid states when referring to artistic practices and the role of the artist in society. A fluidity also at the heart of embracing and engaging with the ever changing constructions of norms, gender, identity, sexuality, borders, culture, material and language etc. We want to open up a space to artistically engage with a changing world through openness, complexity and care suggesting that many of the “certainties” in life are often a set of ... temporary stabilisations.

The project is a collaboration between myself and artist Annie Johansson.
Annie Johansson & Andreas Engman