Småland - Kansas och tillbaks igen


Pleasure sticks -
En serie medvetna feltolkningar

The work on Utgrävningar:  Småland - Kansas och tillbaks igen started during one of the first weeks in July when we were invited by Kerstin and Tony and their project Kulturvagnen to explore through artistic methods what one might find in a barn in Småland in 2021. We spent the week looking through the barn and picking out objects that for various reasons caught our interest. We then began to analyse, speculate and associate, which was the start of a series of processes that we then followed up and deepened in our studio over two weeks time. The work on site during the first period was exploratory in nature, while the work at home in the studio moved on to become more conceptual and representational.

Some of the topics we became interested in working on quite immediately were the historical connection between Småland and the United States, hierarchies between objects, how contemporary norms and current events can affect how we view our material history. Some of these topics we tackle hands-on and others in a more subtle and low-key way. We wanted to take the opportunity to work with these topics in an experimental and playful way, and in the exhibition we show a selection of the many processes that were started amidst all the material legacies we found ourselves among in that barn in Småland.

Below is more info on specific works!
Annie Johansson & Andreas Engman