Andreas Engman

cell: +46(0)704155739

Studio / Public platform:
Harald Stakegatan 2, 415 15 GBG

Andreas Engman is an artist and educator working and living in Gothenburg. Engman’s artistic practice1 is, through a conceptual approach, invested in different modes of institutional critique and alternative pedagogical frameworks, which often takes the shape of installations, performances and discursive events. Turning towards the performative and the corporeal he’s recently interested in the politics of emotions and how expanded notions of institutional critique can be formed by explicitly using affective strategies.

Another strand in Engman's artistic work is the many political, aesthetic and affective intersections of art and food which he investigates through the collaborative platform AFTERWORKS together with artists Rose Brander and Kjell Caminha.

He’s also currently working on a practice based research project investigating the efficacy of ‘scores’ (ie scripts for group action) to address the issues of contemporary art strategies in our current political climate in collaboration with Kjell Caminha, MC Coble and Jeuno Kim who forms the group Public* Display* of Actions*. P*D*A* is an anti-fascist platform using performance and speech tactics from street and guerilla theater, agitprop, Speakers' Corners, and political assemblies, to initiate contexts for collective experience, demonstration, and dialogue insisting on vigilance and direct process as a dramaturgical method and approach.