Andreas Engman


cell: +46(0)704155739

Studio / Public platform:
Harald Stakegatan 2, 415 15 GBG

Andreas Engman is an artist, educator and former chef working and living in Gothenburg. Engman’s artistic practice1 is, through a conceptual approach, invested in different modes of institutional critique and alternative pedagogical frameworks, which often takes the shape of installations, performances and discursive events. Turning towards the performative and the corporeal he’s interested in how expanded notions of institutional critique can be formed in the intersection of feminist pedagogies, affective strategies and the politics of food. His past experience as a professional chef informs the conceptual and political aspects of his work with food cultures with material knowledge and practical skills.

Further investigations into the many political, aesthetic and affective intersections of art and food is performed through the collaborative platform AFTERWORKS together with artists Rose Brander and Kjell Caminha.

As a continuation of his long-standing interest in the fabric of institutions through their structures, attitudes and ecologies, Engman initiated the artist-run platform Temporary Stabilisations together with artist Annie Johansson. Temporary Stabilisations can be seen as yet another vehicle and strategy to explore expanded practices tied to “the institutional”. The aim for this practice-based-research project has been to establish a space to gain further insights into the complex ecologies of institutions. The space functions as a studio and a public transdisciplinary platform for contemporary art and related practices, situated in a former convenient store in Gamlestan in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In collaboration with with Kjell Caminha, MC Coble and Jeuno Kim he also forms the group Public* Display* of Actions*. P*D*A* is an anti-fascist platform using performance and speech tactics from street and guerilla theater, agitprop, Speakers' Corners, and political assemblies, to initiate contexts for collective experience and demonstration. How can the visual and performative literacy of art be shared and used collectively among artists, activists, researchers and the general public to navigate the swiftly changing social and political climate in a time when white power and institutional violence are gathering in the wake of political instability driven by post-factual politics, white fragility and entitlement?



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Current & Upcoming:

Undrar om hästar sjunger blues * Huvudgata, park, träd och sten:  
   En meditation över Västlänken och station Haga genom ljud, text, performance och objekt
* Who Gets In? Rethinking Admissons – Confronting Segregation
* Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score, Act 12: The Pentathlon
* Utgrävningar: Småland - Kansas och tillbaks igen
* Temporary Stabilisations
* Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score, Act 11: The Musical
* Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score, Acts 7-10: The Mixtapes
* Dance Armstrong and the Log Sessions
* Eating Venice: Lagoon Legumes, Ceremony & Heritage
* Dicks Revisited
* Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score, Acts 4-6: Remix
* The Institute for Potentiality & Actualization: “Taxidermy of Speculative Gestures – a 21-day Conference”
* Let’s Mobilize! What is Feminist pedagogy?
A Stockholm Syndrome
* Assemblage: Dicks Revisited
* A Line Made by Swimming
* Between Symbolic Acts, Environmental Qualities & Human Sensibilities


The project Food Journeys - Att dela historier över kulturgränser genom konst och mat has received funding from Boråsregionen for a one year preliminary study. Together with Nathan Clydesdale & Rachel Barron @ Ljurhalla Fabriken 2023/2024

Exhibition at Galleri Gamla Farsot, August 2024

A Sour Place: Embodied Metabolisms and Fermented Narratives, performance @ Skogen in fall 2024

Durational Space # 5 at Lilith Performance Studios, 21 November - 7 December together with  Roxy Farhat, Salad Hilowle, Elias Björn and Josefina Björk.


Undrar om hästar
sjunger blues


In the work UNDRAR OM HÄSTAR SJUNGER BLUES Klas Trollius and Andreas Engman reflect on situations when communication breaks down or when a rift occurs in the relation between image, hearing, sight and language. Trollius and Engman have collected material from communicative encounters between the human and the more-than-human, and from situations of translation, misunderstanding and mishearing. The audience follows a number of scenes of a ceremonial nature, where the soundscape claims the centre stage.

The work can be seen as an exploration into camp aesthetics and logic where Trollius and Engman deploys two main protagonists to guide the audience through a series of elusive rituals. One of the characters is a horse figure that borrows its appearance from Jean Cocteau’s film from 1960, Testament of Orpheus and the other is an ambiguous master of ceremonies, a mystical envoy – aka ’The Messenger’. Embedded in the soundscapes the protagonists unfold a non-linear, broken narrative that moves across registers of absurdity, overambitiousness, humour, seriousness and failure, in a series of spatial tableauxs for you to project your daydreams onto.

Trollius and Engman creates an assemblage of sound, text, scenography and performance, insisting on a non-hierarchy between the different elements of the work.

Sound and text: Klas Trollius & Andreas Engman
Scenography: Klas Trollius & Andreas Engman
Choreography: Klas Trollius & Andreas Engman
Costume: Klas Trollius & Andreas Engman
Light design: Fabian Roos, Klas Trollius & Andreas Engman

Duration: 60 min.

Premiered at Skogen, Gothenburg in May 2023.


Huvudgata, park, träd och sten: 
En meditation över Västlänken och station Haga genom ljud, text, performance och objekt


In Huvudgata, park, träd och sten: En meditation över Västlänken och station Haga genom ljud, text, performance och objekt, Klas Trollius and Andreas Engman take as their starting point the West Link and the changed living environment that an infrastructure project like this entails.

Inspired by literature, music and art from the 1950s and 60s in particular, the artists have experimented with mixing methods and materials, such as text, objects, music and images, and then combining them in various spatial collage-like forms. A starting point for these processes has been to work with concrete material taken from everyday life.

Rather than being a contribution to the debate on the West Link, the artists explore what would happen if the West Link's subconscious were allowed to speak? The work features voices from official planning documents, personal reflections and the inner thoughts of an urban development project.

Specifically, a detailed plan and the regulations of the future Haga station has been used to compose a kind of meditation on the language and spatiality of the West Link. Here, the visitor is invited to approach Haga station in meditation by touching and feeling its various materials such as trees and Bohus granite, etc. A meditation object is designed to make it more inviting to feel the weight of granite in your hands, on your knees, on your shoulders or on your head. The interactive installation and soundtrack explores the relationship between the tedious slowness of meditation and the streamlining of everyday life that an urban development project like the West Link promises to the city's inhabitants.

In a performance that spans the entire day, parts of the texts are transferred to stones and wooden boards. Some of these texts are included in a publication and on loose pages for visitors to read. A material is accumulated during the day, and built upon during the subsequent public events of the project. 

This performance and installation follows from the Dance Armstrong and The Log Sessions work shown at Skogen in the fall of 2021 that also was under the umbrella of the Kronotopia project. This time in public space the Dance Armstrong figure re-emerges as the custodian and host of the site specific meditation.

The work is presented in and around a costumized container in public space at Haga Kyrkoplan in Gothenburg.

You can listen to the meditation here!!