Andreas Engman

cell: +46(0)704155739

Studio / Public platform:
Harald Stakegatan 2, 415 15 GBG


Andreas Engman is an artist and educator working and living in Gothenburg. Engman’s artistic practice1 is, through a conceptual approach, invested in different modes of institutional critique and alternative pedagogical frameworks, which often takes the shape of installations, performances and discursive events. Turning towards the performative and the corporeal he’s recently interested in the politics of emotions and how expanded notions of institutional critique can be formed by explicitly using affective strategies.

Another strand in Engman's artistic work is the many political, aestetic and affective intersections of art and food which he investigates through the collaborative platform AFTERWORKS together with artists Rose Borthwick and Kjell Caminha.

He’s also currently working on a practice based research project investigating the efficacy of ‘scores’ (ie scripts for group action) to address the issues of contemporary art strategies in our current political climate in collaboration with Kjell Caminha, MC Coble and Jeuno Kim who forms the group Public* Display* of Actions*. P*D*A* is an anti-fascist platform using performance and speech tactics from street and guerilla theater, agitprop, Speakers' Corners, and political assemblies, to initiate contexts for collective experience, demonstration, and dialogue insisting on vigilance and direct process as a dramaturgical method and approach.


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Selected Works

Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score, Acts 7-10: The Mixtapes
Dance Armstrong and the Log Sessions
Eating Venice: Lagoon Legumes, Ceremony & Heritage
Dicks Revisited
Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score
The Institute for Potentiality & Actualization: “Taxidermy of Speculative Gestures – a 21-day Conference”
Let’s Mobilize! What is Feminist pedagogy?
A Stockholm Syndrome

Assemblage: Dicks Revisited
A Line Made by Swimming
Between Symbolic Acts, Environmental Qualities & Human Sensibilities


 Public* Display* of Actions*




Radical Empathy:
A Continuous Score,  Acts 7-10:
The Mixtapes

A series of 4 one hour long sound works produced for the digital exhibition platform for sound art, Ilyd (2020)

Radical Empathy, A Continuous Score, Acts 7-10: The Mixtapes is a Public Sonic Action brought to you by P*D*A* (Public* Display* of Actions*).

You’re invited to join P*D*A* as the group continues to experiment with various forms of spatial and sonic public rehearsals. Act 7-10: The Mixtapes has been developed during the uncertain times of Covid-19. Working within conditions of instability that compound the restrictions on movement and isolation from others, the anxiety and fear of illness, as well as the nationalisms and racism that rallies around the virus, Act 7-10: The Mixtapes came from the need to share vulnerabilities and coping strategies while aiming to be a space of both refuge and action.

 Public* Display* of Actions* 

Playlist, Act 7

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*An Alphabet, featuring remote testing and slurping sfx
*Water in drain *Dance Armstrong: Exhausted Breathing, featuring Grimes-Oblivion, Sons of Kemet-Inner Babylon, frogs, birds on Baggesensgade 5am *PSA: It’s Never Too Late, National Coming Out Day *What is Radical Empathy, P*D*A* *I’m thinking about the generations of women...,Partial acceptance speech as Vice-President Elect 2020, Kamala Harris *Log lifting
*PSA: We Are All Waiting featuring ring workout *Poem, P*D*A* *PSA: No Need To Be ‘Splaining featuring rock farting *Wrinkle free laughter™
*PSA: Wrinkle Free Laughter™
*Wrinkle free laughter™
*Can the Artist Speak? *Antarctica sfx, featuring Weddell Seals and a mumbled candy reading of “Whale Chorus” from DUB: Finding Ceremony by Alexis Pauline Gumbs *PSA: Don’t Forget To Wear a Helmet. *Dance Armstrong: Exhausted Breathing, featuring Joo Hyun Mi 신사동 내사랑 (My Shinsadong Love, karaoke remix, Junja Bunja) and Planningtorock Transome (DJ Rocco remix) *PSA Questionable Questions *Thank you for waiting, featuring laughing kid, a reading of We Work Too Hard by Rod Smith, P*D*A* scheduling, snoring, “laughter” stem from Movements That Matter

Playlist, Act 9

︎ Listen to Act 9

*Fermentation, featuring Vitamin D, Lockdown Jam-DJ Junja Bunja, Food ABC Song, Ooh la la Variations, PSA: Wrinkle Free Laughter™, excerpt from online Noma interview with Chef René Redzepi +David Zilber-fermentation lab director, An interlude for our leafy friends: Silver Queen-Plant Music by Baroque Bouquet and excerpt from Chocolate Moose-The Swedish Chef

*PSA: Krabstadt’s Big Balls Falafel chef, Samik’s Roasted Chickpeas Recipe
*Let’s get a little louder group laugh, featuring drawing titles-P*D*A*, *PSA: Wrinkle Free Laughter™ (the short take), “Triggers” from White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo with Silver Queen-Plant Music by Baroque Bouquet and Singsong Hello/Hey Y’all/Haj
*bell hooks interview excerpt featuring Xenofeminism Blues by Enola Bourgogne, Krabstadt’s Director of Feminist Institute
*PSA Xenofeminism Blues Chanson02, featuring Trans women are real women
*The Book of Deuteronomy
*PSA: Voluntary Human Extinction, featuring Duran, Duran-Planet Earth, interpreted by The Vitamin String Quartet playing
*What is the normalization of fascism for you?-P*D*A* at Skogen, featuring Bajsnödig, Mona the singing moose, Questions-P*D*A*, Silver Queen-Plant Music by Baroque Bouquet and Moose call lesson by Frank Ritcey
*Movements That Matter - 2020 Covid-19 Text (Hostrups Have)
*PSA: Qanus, featuring an excerpt from The Argonauts, Maggie Nelson, Pull up to my bumper baby by Grace Jones
*Movements That Matter - 2020 (Obsessing over getting over) 
* Audre Lorde, excerpt from The Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power, featuring Poem-P*D*A and Silver Queen-Plant Music by Baroque Bouquet, Movements That Matter - 2020 (Obsessing over getting over) and Privilege walk questions
*PSA: On Behalf of Mangos, featuring stomp accompaniment + Portuguese counting-P*D*A* at Skogen and walking in snow sfx
*THROUGH THE BACK DOORS  "On Intersections of Affective Strategies and Institutional Pedagogies As a Prelude To Decolonial Practices" [excerpt] featuring, Vamos Passear, baby breastfeeding+eating/chewing artificial+straw sucking bottom of glass sfx, narwhale calls and Silver Queen-Plant Music by Baroque Bouquet
*Waiting and barking, featuring Mic check-P*D*A* at Skogen
*PSA:  Waiting Time Facilitation, featuring remix of Amanda-Aisha Duo MX067_57-Girl from Petaluma-13858-Megatrax
*Litany for Survival #42-Audre lorde featuring, Vamos Passear with Kaíque, Poem-P*D*A*  and At what point do you say enough is enough? + Mic check-P*D*A* at Skogen
*Cliffhanger P*D*A* group discussion featuring DUN DUN DUNNNNN sfx and The Time Quartet playing The James Bond Theme
Sprinkled throughout the mixtape: Jumping, marching, talking and counting in the style of Chop and Plop, live recordings from the performance Radical Empathy: A Continuous Score, Acts 4-6, P*D*A* at Skogen, Gothenburg, 2019 

Playlist, Act 8

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*Dance Armstrong: Exhausted Breathing
Featuring: Trek bike protest, Grimes-Oblivion, Sons of Kemet-Inner Babylon, What is Radical Empathy? -P*D*A*, slow breathing, I hate phone calling machines….fucker, the mayor’s citywide call center, frogs and the PSA: No Need To Be ‘Splaining

*Everything Just Stays Solid...or Does It?
Featuring: Scott Malin-How To Do a Push Up Correctly, the music of Curtis Mayfield-Pusherman, John Maus-Keep Pushing On, Dio-Push, Salt N’ Pepa-Push It, The Impressions-Keep On Pushing; reading list-P*D*A*, ooh la la, frogs and ‘disinfectant rant - 45th POTUS (2020-04-23); and the PSA’s: In My Kingdom, It’s Never Too Late, National Coming Out Day, Boys Eat More Soy and Let’s Pee in the Same Toilet

*How Form Grows Out of Spiritual Experience: Itemized Reading of D.H.Lawrence’s Corasmin and The Parrots
Featuring: Bank of America phone menu, Questions-P*D*A*, Antarctica sfx-Emperor Penguins / Weddell Seals, North Carolina birds and human as seal; TREK bike protest and the PSA: We are all waiting

Playlist, Act 10

︎ Listen to Act 10

*Reading of Sara Ahmed’s Snap! Feminist Moments, Feminist Movements [excerpt], featuring I'm So Happy I Cry by Fantastic Negrito, and electric water boiler
*Movements That Matter - vs. 2020 Sweden needs a revolution, featuring electric water boiler
*Act 10 Intro by reader - “English (US) Sharon” at accompanied by Elevator 1
*Letter to Swedish Migration Board + Response, featuring nope and Elevator 1
*PSA:  Waiting Time Facilitation, featuring remix of Amanda-Aisha Duo MX067_57-Girl from Petaluma-13858-Megatrax
*Wrinkle Free Laugher™, featuring Plunge by Fever Ray, nope and cooking
*PSA: Don’t Forget To Wear a Helmet
*Movements That Matter - vs. 2020 - Being not acting mixed with breast exam 2020, featuring scand-kor yes and Enchanté + Lighting Strikes by Klaus Nomi
*Readings of Sara Ahmed’s Snap! Feminist Moments, Feminist Movements [excerpt], featuring scand-kori yes/no thanks/nope, The Song That Never Ends, privilege walk questions, Enchanté by Klaus Nomi and cooking
*The pause became the moment of dissent-P*D*A* at Skogen featuring Enchanté by Klaus Nomi, cooking
*Audre Lorde interview excerpt at Hunter College-credit Pacifica Radio Archives, featuring To be Young, Gifted and Black by Nina Simone, Enchanté by Klaus Nomi, reading of We Work Too Hard by Rod Smith
*PSA: Liberty4animatedcharacters
*Bullshit Anthem by Fantastic Negrito, featuring P*D*A* poop talk
*Binding Ritual Revisited
*What is Radical Empathy?-P*D*A* mixed with My 22 Yr Old Self to My 42 Yr Old Self
*PSA: Xenofeminism Blues Chanson01
*Excerpt from Complaints of an Artist-Teacher, featuring vacuum, quicktime_freaksout_squeal, nay and Bullshit Anthem by Fantastic Negrito
*Packing List featuring vacuum, PSA: Questionable Questions and mixtape10_AEmix  
*NPR Dec 2020 backed up by the vacuum
*Drag King Show Addict featuring Chameleon by Herbie Hancock and mixtape10_AEmix  
*What is Radical Empathy-P*D*A* featuring Chameleon by Herbie Hancock and Mixtape10_AEmix
*Keywords from TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly-Volume 1: Postposttransexual: Key Concepts for a Twenty-First-Century Transgender Studies, featuring Chameleon by Herbie Hancock
*Mixtape Work Meeting -P*D*A* featuring Chameleon by Herbie Hancock, and “Resting Bitch Tone BOOM” by reader - “English (US) Sharon” at

Spatializing the mixtape: Working and listening to All Things Considered-National Public Radio (NPR), Dec 2020 accompanied by sprinkles of clap-snap, clap-hard, thabla-drop-drums-short and old-school-hip-hop-pack-vol-2-low-mixed-snap_89bpm_F_major